Thursday, December 8, 2011

White Wires Blow Throw A Second Album

The White Wires are a spunky pop punk band that comes off like a dirty, drunker version of Weezer. With short and sweet songs and an album simply entitled White Wires II the band plough through 12 songs so quick that by the time you figure out who you're listening to it's all over. White Wires II is like a brisk slap across the face that stings in all the best ways.

Packed with gargantuan hooks and enough three chord riffing that the world's supply might run out, The White Wires don’t’ waste time with musicianship. These guys are so simplistic in their approach and they're so effective you'd swear they took music courses from German efficiency experts. Fun, unhindered and catchy like the flu this is the sort of album that will plaster a smile on your mug whether you want it to or not.

Filled with pogo inducing songs and a general sense of everything being alright, White Wires II is a blast of sunshine pop punk that might be a little late to the dance but doesn't care. While it's not 1996, The White Wires raw energy and overwhelming sense of fun makes White Wires II a joy to listen to on repeat.

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