Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sleeping In The Aviary Is Fun

With a strange name and only three members Sleeping in the Aviary have managed to make a pretty good name for themselves over their short four album career. Armed with a slightly humorous approach to songwriting and a sound that's just as quirky as their name would imply, the band are probably one of the more fun bands you're likely to run across in this day and age. And while they are undoubtedly nonsensical, they're also very good.

Sleeping in the Aviary's fourth and latest album, You and Me Ghost is a fantastic jolt of energetic indie pop that's fizzing with excitement. Ultimately sounding like a hyper Weezer that's just a bit too jumpy for its own good, Sleeping in the Aviary take power pop and ramp it up a few notches. You and Me Ghost is the sort of indie pop record that's overloaded with hand claps, choppy riffs, sugary sweet choruses and lots of ooh's and ah's that when mixed together make one heck of a record that's hard to stop listening to. Songs are often funny and very subtle and paying attention to what the band does pays off with laughs, raised eyebrows, and a realization that their quirk pop is quite good.

From the rockabilly-ish, "On The Way Home," to the spastic pop of, "Love Police," You and Me Ghost is a non-stop party. Fun and with a twisted sense of humor, Sleeping in the Aviary make the kind of music you put on after a bad day at work for a quick pick me up; it's that happy. And honestly, who doesn't need that kind of music in their life in this modern life?

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