Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Green Hang Loose

When one thinks of reggae, one thinks of tropical islands, ganja, and Jamaica. Well sometimes music comes from the most unusual places. In the case of The Green this is especially true. The Green have the tropical thing down, I'm not sure about the ganja, and they’re definitely not Jamaican...they're not even from the Caribbean but the Pacific. The Green, you see, are Hawaiian.

Taking a completely different kind of tropical direction The Green mix traditional reggae vibes with hip hop, r&b grooves, and hanging loose to arrive at their special blend of reggae. Their album, Ways and Means is a pretty good record despite coming from, what some might say is the wrong side of the world. I say that jokingly because unless someone was to tell you that they were Hawaiian you would never know.

Modern with a bit of that island spirit running through it, Ways and Means is a sensationally well produced record that's ridiculously catchy and unafraid to try things. From the R&B sounding, "Decisions," to the traditional sounds of the title track, Ways and Means is an impressive record. Truly proving music is a universal language and reggae is about one love, The Green demonstrate that it doesn't matter where you come from or who you are but what's in your heart that matters and isn't that the message Mr. Marley sang about years ago?

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