Friday, December 30, 2011

65 Days Of Static Explode

British post rock band 65 Days of Static have returned with their latest album We Were Exploding Anyway, and I'm happy to report there isn't one second, much less day of static on this record. What there is though is absolutely mind numbing electronic fused post rock that might very well explode. Imagine if you will a world in which Radiohead is a 300 pound guerilla on steroids that knows how to make intricate noodly music and you kind of have an idea where 65 Days of Static are coming from. We Were Exploding Anyway is epic uber complex stuff that's earth shatteringly brutal and amazing.

So few bands are able to pull off the kind of music that 65 Days are attempting to and with good reason; it's just too much music for the average person to play. This is the sound of a Stephen Hawking lecture put to music with enough formulae, numbers, calculations and riffs to stun the average musician, much less listener. Frenetic, technical, ridiculously catchy and believe it or not danceable, We Were Exploding Anyway is such an excellent album because it fuses the science of the groove with music theory so well. And if that kind of technical prowess wasn't enough to make your jaw about an appearance by the gothfather himself, Robert Smith? Yep, the man himself appears on the album and does a bang up job on the soaring, "Come to Me."

We Were Exploding Anyway is an amazing album that does not slow down. The title is apt for these guys as 65 Days essentially explode out of the gate at light speed and then make .5 past it. 65 Days of static are so proficient at creating mind warping mathematical equations that translate into musical notes they might just win the Nobel Prize for math and physics. Until the awards are presented next year, do yourself a favor, break out your old trigonometry book brush up on it and then purchase We Were Exploding Anyway you won't be disappointed and you might just be able to keep up.

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