Thursday, December 29, 2011

Really The Hundred Days

I don't know the first thing about The Hundred Days except to say that they are one heck of a great band. Fusing New York cool with British angularity, the band have a sound that's like Interpol if they came from Manchester circa 1996. Their album, Really? is a fantastic indie disco punk record that's a jittery delight that simply can't sit still.

With danceable riffs, shuffly drums, and dramatic vocals the band take a moody approach to writing addictive songs that verge on being so huge they can't contain themselves. Almost sounding like a more polished Editors, the band have a certain degree of depression about them that steers their songs into some murkily cool directions. It might sound like that's too much, but it works for these guys and Really? is spectacularly good. It's angular riffs and danceable rhythms are just too well done to be bad and the vast majority of the ten songs here are so good, you'll be able to sing them back after two listens.

The Hundred Days sound might be slightly past its sell by point, but Really? is such a great moody and angular record that, that's easy to over look. With no less than eight ridiculously good songs, Really? is a record firing on all cylinders from a band who have turned broodiness and awkwardness into an art form. Well done guys.

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