Saturday, December 31, 2011

Little Red Remember Midnight

Little Red are in fact not little nor red but they are very good. Sounding something like a Vampire Weekend mixed with Coldplay and maybe even a bit of Arcade Fire or Modest Mouse this worldly indie pop band have embraced their inner Paul Simon's and created an album that's light, airy, and easy to latch on to. Entitled, Midnight Remember, the album is ironic in the sense that it is difficult to forget.

With multi-part harmonies taking the hooks heavenward, jangly guitars creating the breezy atmosphere and sweeping arrangements making the songs breathtaking the band seem to excel at writing lush songs that are sentimental and even a bit heartbreaking. It's all very easy to latch onto and Little Red seem only to happy to have you along for the ride. With a tendency to sound like Christopher Cross if he was writing songs for Coldplay, the band seem to be caught between the moon and New York City (see "Slow Motion."). At other times, the band are quite intent on writing an indie anthem and they succeed on a song like "Rock It," which is a shuffly little pop song with an irresistible groove.

Midnight Remember is not a bombastic indie pop record. Rather, it's a catchy mid paced record that makes it's presence known with it's accessibility, ridiculously sweet harmonies, and sheer likability. Little Red have created a great record that's quietly going to conquer the world whether you know it or not.

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