Monday, December 26, 2011

Fruit Bats Get Tripper

The Fruit Bats are another one of those bands who have been around the block a few time, toured, written record, produced records, and even recorded them. Over the course of their decade long or so existence, the band has been making folky pop records and garnering critical acclaim from just about everywhere. Now on their fifth album, Tripper, the Fruit Bats have added a wealth of new sounds to their core and come up with something that's sentimental and dear.

With songs of farewell, escape, and routine Tripper is a melancholic record that disguises its emotions in its fragile songs and only hints at how broken it is. Quiet, introspective, and filled with barely there moments the album is soft spoken and almost shy. While it is all those things it is also folky and singer songwritery, so I've kind of got mixed feelings about this album. When the band adds more elements to their songs and flush those out they become far more entertaining and likable while their intimate moments are just a little too intimate for my liking. Tripper is nice stuff for the most part and when the Fruit Bats show a bit of energy the record is extremely listenable...I just wish they displayed that chutzpah all the time

Despite my mixed feelings, I think it’s safe to say that Tripper is yet another successful chapter in the career of The Fruit Bats. Its tuneful folk music that has a story to tell that's unobtrusive and as a result is pretty decent to listen to. If you like artists who dwell in story songs, melancholy, and the occasional moment of pop you'll thoroughly enjoy Tripper probably more than I did.

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