Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mildmannered Aren't

Mildmannered are not Supermen, but rather super musicians. Taking their cue from 90's female fronted indie, Mildmannered sound like a combination of Hole, Bettie Serveert, Magnapop, and Veruca Salt all rolled up into one uber-crunchy band. Their album, Believeland, is a nice trip down memory lane with all sorts of great songs that will have you swearing Courtney Love is in this band and that it's still 1993.

Hopping between indie-pop and indie rock with ease, Mildmannered employ horns, hand-claps, and ridiculously great choruses to make each of their songs hard to forget. "Applehead," is a perfect example of this as the band utilizes a piano and perfectly timed horns to create a groovy, hip shaking, indie pop gem about how everybody knows your name. So much of Believeland is like this, in fact, that the record ultimately becomes irresistible.

Tenacious and fun in that post-90's indie rock, Doc Marten wearing, Juliana Hatfield loving way, Mildmannered are clearly onto something that's not been around in a while but is most definitely welcome back. Believeland is great because it's filled with fantastic pop songs that have a bit of grit and grime mixed in with the bands copious amounts of sugar and spice. Anything but mild mannered, Mildmannered are the best elements of 90's female fronted indie brought bang up to date.

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