Thursday, December 29, 2011

Echorev Find North

Echorev's EP Find North is more like an album because it features eight songs and lasts 30 plus minutes. Diverse in its approach and its sound, Find North is an atmospheric, airy, and moody record that sounds like a more stable Radiohead. Blending hooks with moods and quiet riffs with dance beats, Echorev manage to make songs out of things that shouldn't really be songs.

Debating whether or not to head to the stars or stay grounded seems to be a conundrum for Echorev. They seem to want to do both and sometimes at the same time. Thankfully, it works to their advantage because Find North sounds so unique in its direction and contains songs that are mesmerizing. "The Light," for example slowly builds from a gentle breeze to a full on horn driven pop hurricane; it's epic pop to say the least.

Far from short and sweet Find North is one heck of an atmospheric pop record that goes a long way towards defining what makes temperamental and epic pop what it is. This is emotionally weighty and gorgeous sounding stuff. Find North is highly recommended for wintery nights, blustery days, and anyone that's had a bad day; so most of us then.