Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mungolian Jetset's Schlungs

I have no idea what the Mungolian Jetset are on but it must be good because I don't think there have been a more hyper, cheeky bunch of producers in all of dance music. As their bio states, "Here is the undiluted Mung, neatly naked wrapped behind a pair of strobotastic glasses." Yeah I have no idea either, and let’s face it, when you name your album Schlungs you're clearly not thinking straight. This odd ball thinking is carried over into the bands original compositions which deal with alien abductions, transvestites and just about everything else.

Schlungs, one would think, would be quite cheesy with all that baggage, but it's not. In fact, Schlungs is a fantastic disco house album that's so packed out with glittery grooves you can almost smell the polyester and cheap cologne (wait...are the Jersey Shore idiots here?). What truly is shocking about Schlungs is that this is their first album of all original compositions. It's crazy to think that the Mung, who for so long, have remixed everyone including your mom have never, actually took the time to write and compose their own songs.

Thankfully, the Mung took the time out of their crazy (literally) schedules, took enough medication, found a way into the studio and were able to piece together something that's so loaded with bangers that it should have been called that instead of Schlungs. Filled with sparkly grooves, minimal techno overtones, dark disco vibes, and a sense of things not being perfectly sane, The Mung have put together a time spanning house record that shows just how versatile these guys are. It's an awesome record that's so movement oriented that it's practically exhausting to listen to. And really isn't that how a dance music record should be?

Weird and wonderful, Mungolian Jetset is blazing a trail forward that no one would dare follow. Schlungs is an impressive record that shows these guys to be creative, diverse, and good enough to slaughter dance floors in their mind and at the club.

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