Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Nocturnes Dream

The Nocturnes are a spin off project of the ever cool band Red Sparowes. Put together by the Sparowes guitarist, Emma Ruth prior to her joining that bad, the band have created mystical folk music from the mists of time since 2007. Their latest album, the oddly titled Aokigahara, takes more of an airy, ethereal, post folk approach compared to their previous efforts.

With otherworldly vocals that sound like disembodied voices, gently plucked guitars, reverbed out guitars, plodding drums, and an atmospheric approach the band manage to create the soundtrack to our dreams.
Aokigahara is gorgeous stuff that floats along like a lost cloud formation, meandering in a large never-ending sky. A textural record filled with post rock breadth and hidden emotion, Aokigahara hypnotizes as it floats from song to song. Aokigahara is a fantastic, enigmatical record that has layers of music that work their way into your sub consciousness and never let go. It's strange and haunting stuff that takes folk music and puts it on a heavy course of sedatives...and as a result makes it worth listening to.

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