Monday, December 26, 2011

The Funk Ark Is Here

The Funk Ark has arrived and it has invited everyone aboard! This world funk ensemble based in Washington DC draws on influences from the African and Latin American funk scenes from the 60's and 70's to create vintage sounding jams that are simply amazing. Their latest opus, From The Rooftops, will have you shouting from one at just how brilliantly jazzy and cool these guys are at constructing songs that feel as though they are 40 years old.

Using vintage instruments, jazzy arrangements, lots of cool vibes and irresistible horns The Funk Ark are simply amazing at what they do. With their retro sensibility fully intact, the band take it all the way back to when these kinds of songs were the background music to everything. From The Rooftops is a stunningly good record that touches on jazz, Latin music, Afrobeat, funk, rock and roll, and just about everything in between all at once. Hammonds direct the vibe, horns blare out, and bongos carry the rhythm while the band gets down. This is a record that takes you on a journey through the past two steps at a time with never-ending grooves and absolutely incredible musicianship.

From The Rooftops is awesome stuff. Expertly played and arranged to perfection The Funk Ark have the vibe of the 60's and 70's down pat and you can hear that on each and every song here. If you're looking for something retro-informed and so cool it wears sunglasses than From The Rooftops is the answer...and that's something worth shouting about.

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