Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Eulogies Tear The Fences Down

Picking up where they left off with their Here Anonymous LP, Eulogies have returned with their third album entitled Tear The Fences Down. Like Here Anonymous, Tear The Fences Down is a masterwork of lazy hazy pop that's effortless and oh so good.

Coming off like a more subdued Death Cab for Cutie or maybe even the Flaming Lips mixed with a bit of noise, distortion, and angularity Tear The Fences Down stands out with melodies the size of Alaska. It's pleasant stuff that's really in no hurry to go anywhere and it apathetically works its way into your collective being song after song. Melodies soar, guitars wind up and it all ends up being really quite brilliant stuff.

Charming and a bit lackadaisical, Tear The Fences Down doesn't really build momentum as it goes on but it does hold it steady. The songs quietly plod their way along never making too much of a ruckus but still managing to have one heck of melodious impact and pop sensibility about them. They might not jump up and down and be obnoxious but the songs on Tear The Fences Down make their presence known in subtle almost invisible ways; a riff here a quiet half awake chorus there. It all adds up to an album that is so filled with catchy inconspicuous hooks that you'll find yourself won over and you won't even know it.

These guys are quite good at being the nonchalant pop band that they are. Seemingly, without even trying they write songs that are awesome chilled pop gems. A more unaware group of stars you will likely never meet, Eulogies aren't dead just lost in a joyous haze. All this makes Tear The Fences Down's intricate songs that shows there's still more than a bit of life left in the band that's worth hearing.

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