Thursday, December 8, 2011

Azari & III Head Into The Night

In it's ongoing effort to show support for the arts, Scion has continued to release quality release after release footing the entire bill the entire time. During their campaign to bring upfront and cutting edge music to the car driving masses, they've covered just about every genre, released a series of essential compilation CD's, and discovered artists along the way. The latest release from their seemingly never-ending campaign, is the latest single from Azari & III.

Entitled, Into The Night, the single pretty much embodies what it means to a house scorcher these days. This six track single is so packed to rafters with quality remixes that picking just one favorite is impossible. From the vocal brilliance of the original, to the Prince Language nearly handbag house version of, "Into The Night," to the chilled slinkyness of he CFCF mix there's barely a bad track here. The Live In Paris mix is about the only faulty version here simply because it plods along rather than storms the dance floor. Azari & III have created a fine single to close out the year. If house music is a feeling this single is so over emotional it's drenched in tears and Scions. Awesome stuff.

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