Thursday, December 29, 2011

Marilyn Carino Is A Seductress

Marilyn Carino has a voice. Lord does she have a voice. Like a torch singer lost within James Bond's world Carino brings a level of seduction to her songs that's far too easy to fall for. Her album, Little Genius is a sly slinky record that soars on the wings of her voice and takes us to the heavens.

Taking a trip hop vibe and jazzing it up, Little Genius, is the sound of a rainy night in the big city, hearts breaking, life being cruel, and the world not caring. Marilyn embraces jazz and these ideas with both arms and makes love to it here as if her passionate affair with it was about to end. Her voice is priceless and the songs gently wrap themselves around your heart and reel you in. This is what Amy Winehouse would have sounded like if she took voice lessons from Shirley Bassey.

Marilyn Carino sinks a lot of soul, heart, and emotion into Little Genius and it shows in every song. This rather beguiling record is bewitching and magnetic and as a result it's impossible to walk away from it. One suspects that Marilyn Carino likes it that way!

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