Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Anvil Unleash Metal On Metal

The last three or so years have been great for Anvil. Finally. After being relegated to the metal sidelines for nearly three decades it was about time for this legendary Canadian band to get its due. From an award winning and heart breaking documentary to re-releases on many classic albums, the band has been all over the place the last couple of years. As a longtime fan it was awesome to see these honest to goodness metal warriors get the respect they were owed.

The band hasn't slowed down at all in 2011. With a new album this year and this essential greatest hits album, Monument of Metal, the band is as relevant today as they were back in the 80's, if not more so. Essentially Canada's answer to Iron Maiden but with a bit more crunch, Anvil mastered the art of the power chord, power metal scream, and enough fantastic imagery to fuel a young man’s dreams for an eternity. These guys rock in that classic sub-thrash way with lots of double bass drumming, massive basslines, godly guitar solos, and vocals that could shatter glass. They are, and always have been, awesome.

With nineteen tracks from sixteen albums, Monument of Metal is exactly as its name suggests; a monument and testament to the bone crunching power of this band. There simply isn't one duff track here. From a re-recorded version of, "Metal on Metal," to their brush with greatness, "Mad Dog," Monument of Metal has it all. While I would have preferred the original version of, "Metal on Metal," they annihilate the track with some superb musicianship. These guys may be on the verge of retirement and look their age, but metal still courses through their veins and every riff resonates that to this day. These guys are dedicated and absolutely one of the most essential metal bands ever and Monument of Metal is a seminal recording you need.

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