Friday, December 30, 2011

Light FM Stay Away From Buzz Kill City

Light FM are not a radio station. Light FM do not play easy listening music for your parents to enjoy. Light FM do play indie rock with hints of Britpop, post punk, and power pop. Light FM are very good at what they do and their album Buzz Kill City is anything but a buzz kill.

A band loaded with opposites, Light FM are a fuzzy, fizzy, jumpy band whose synths, distortion pedals, and almost Weezer like pop mingle with heartfelt lyrics that will find themselves lingering around your frontal lobes for ages. If ever a band had sunshine coursing through their veins, Light FM would be that band. Buzz Kill City is so uppity sounding it seems weird that they would name their album something so down trodden.

Buzz Kill City is loaded with soaring choruses, huge riffs, and a brilliant pop sensibility about it that allows it to stay focused on staying good. Every song here is just about perfect and you can almost taste the sugary sweetness of the tasty pop Light FM play. They’re a band of contrasts and contradictions and it steers them to stay up when they apparently want to be down.

From "Homeless Love Anthem,” to, "Mercy," Buzz Kill City is a brisk and chipper record that shows Light FM to be one heck of a record. More likely to give you a buzz than kill one, Light FM create a sugar rush of epic proportions that you want to end.

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