Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The CSC Funk Band Investigate

The CSC Funk band apparently have been living on the Streets of San Francisco since somewhere around 1978 and each one of their songs reflect this as their album, Things Are Getting Too Casual is a dramatic crime show waiting to happen. This instrumental group creates atmospheric funk jams that are packed with drama, action, urgency, and a lot of talented musicianship. Clocking in at 45 minutes, Things Are Getting Too Casual, is your favorite procedural waiting to perfectly timed is this record that it's literally the length of an actual TV show; holy licensing possibilities Batman!

The CSC Funk Band is amazing at what they do and despite their name they are so much more than just a funk band. Things Are Getting Too Casual is imaginative, funky, fun, and incredibly diverse. Fusing Latin elements, jazz riffs, metal guitars, and a sense of constantly being on the run, these guys are so full of energy it's almost hard to keep up with them. This is such an impressive record and so retro-infused that it's hard to believe that this band isn't from the 70's.

Things Are Getting Too Casual is a fantastic trip through the alleys, highways, and buildings of Crime City USA. With incredible musicianship, creative songs, and a bit of imagination The CSC Funk Band need to find their way from the Streets of San Francisco to the studios of Hollywood!

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