Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sprechen Sie Hi Fashion

I'm not sure who Hi Fashion is, where they come from or why they are here, but they are clearly one of the strangest acts that I've stumbled across recently. Somewhere between camp, cabaret, and cross-dressing this dynamic duo combines just about everything into some sort of heady electro pop that seems like an even more theatrical version of Fischerspooner. Hi Fashion's mini LP, Sprechen Sie is a sometimes funny, always over the top blast of pop that out Lady Ga Ga's Lady Ga Ga.

Comprised of just six songs, Sprechen Sie takes equal parts of the aforementioned Fischerspooner, performance art, and pure catchy pop and comes up with a sugar rush of tunes that will leave you craving more. Slightly rude and strange with early noughties electro pop production you'll swear you're listening to Miss Kitten and The Hacker back in 1992. It's all pretty good stuff and despite its strangeness and over the top mentality the record does find a ridiculously good groove and settles into it for the duration of its playing time. Hi Fashion play with gender, pop music, and comedy and come out on top with Sprechen Sie...and that's something that's easy to understand.

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