Saturday, December 31, 2011

Princess Chelsea Creates A Lil Golden Book

The world of Princess Chelsea is a magic one filled with a childlike sense of wonder that's dark and fascinating. Her latest album, Lil Golden Book, looks just like it's name sake and is as curious as those books were when you were growing up. Sounding like a the Cranes with a Kiwi accent, Princess Chelsea weaves a haunting spell of bewilderment and uses her tinkly, twinkly, piano sounds to charm you into musical submission.

While Lil Golden Book sounds like it's children's music, but it's most definitely not. In fact, think of Lil Golden Book as an adult audio version of the entire collection gone wrong. Ridiculously twee, incredibly innocent sounding, and quirky in all the best ways, Princess Chelsea is awesome at what she does. Writing witty and wry songs with a voice that sounds like a 12 year old, Listening to Lil Golden Book is like listening to a Lil Golden Book.

Princess Chelsea creates a fantasy world in which we're allowed to roam around in. It's a strange, haunted world that's theatrical, full of make believe, and a high concept production. From the album looking like a Lil Golden Book to Princess Chelsea sounding like Shirley Temple lost in Wonderland Lil Golden Book is so weird it's wonderful. I'm glad she lets us hang out with her in her world because it's a fantastic place that's filled with enough oddities and strangeness to make you want to return over and over again.

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