Friday, December 30, 2011

Cubic Zirconia Follow Your Heart

If there's one thing Cubic Zirconia is not, it's fake. This dynamic New York based band mixes elements of wobble, house, proper electro, and experimental electronics into a sexy stew of dance floor devastation that's as beatastic as it is seductive. Their album Follow Your Heart is packed to the rafters with bangers that pulsate with a diverse approach that will keep you guessing as much as it will keep your booty shakin'.

Follow Your Heart almost seems like it's the mantra for Cubic Zirconia. From releasing several DIY videos and singles and now taking their album in all kinds of directions the band seems to perpetually follow their heart into new realms. It works for these guys and works well. Follow Your Heart is as up-tempo as much as it is down tempo and as up front as it is left field. It's an awesome record that brings back classic electronic sounds, thumping basslines, and sexy as hell vocals to lure you in and then never release you.

Sort of experimental, definitely dance floor oriented; wherever Cubic Zirconia roam the party and beats are sure to follow (Just listen to "Darko," to see why.). Able to turn a banger in a minute and then take it down several notches and work you over slowly, Cubic Zirconia prove their mettle time after time throughout Follow Your Heart. Are the Zirconia's Fake? Are you kidding? These guys are so real they should have been called Hope Diamond.

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