Friday, December 30, 2011

Ariel Rubin's Big Spoon

Ariel Rubin is an Interesting singer/songwriter. Far from being just another girl with a guitar, Rubin creates songs with her trusty ukulele in hand and a vintage crooning voice from a time long since past. The result is a diverse range of music that's as orchestral as it is sweeping. Her EP, The Big Spoon is her second recording and sees her continuing to develop a sound that's completely her own.

The Big Spoon is a beautifully fragile three song affair that will make your heart soar and then break, yearn and then feel fulfilled. It's sweeping stuff that's very good and Rubin's voice is simply fantastic as it hits all the right highs and lows and carries the song back to a time when songs like these were oh so seductive. From the guitary swing of, "I'm a Sinner," to the gently plucked title track, The Big Spoon illustrates Ariel Rubin's ever diverse and growing talent in three too short songs.

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