Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Moor Are Somber

Ok...I have to admit that when The Moor first came across my desk all I could think about was Seinfeld and the "Bubble Boy" episode. In that episode, George gets in a fight w/a "bubble boy," over a trivia question where the answer is the moors but because of a printing error the game has the shows, “moops.” As you might expect, hilarity ensues.

Anyway, The Moor are not the moops nor the Moors. They are, however, a dreamy dramatic indie pop band from Los Angeles. With a childlike innocence and a sound that's like some sort of Victorian dream, the band creates lullabies to haunt your soul. Their self-titled album is a lush fantasy-like experience that seems like it wouldn't be out of place in the Secret Garden. It's really all quite strange but in a strangely beautiful way...this is the sound of sleep put to music.

If for some reason, you still sleep in a crib and have problems falling to sleep at night, The Moor's lullabies will send you off to dreamland in fine fashion. Who needs a sleeping pill when you can listen to this? Candid, hypnotic, and fanciful the Moor is easily one of the most interesting records to come along in 2011 and that's not trivial at all.

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