Friday, December 30, 2011

Listen To Your Husband

I do not actually know if Husband is married or not, but I do know that's the moniker that Australian Michael Paolino goes under. Sounding a bit like his fellow countryman, Nick Cave, Husband croons his way across songs intensely and with style. His new EP, simply entitled Husband, is a dramatic and slightly orchestral record that gets in touch with its inner goth and then lets itself get a bit broody.

Husband is truly nice stuff that's dark and impassioned. At times ethereal and at others lush and orchestrated, Husband creates dense songs with layers of texture that must be heard to peel away. It's only after many listens that you begin to realize how rich the four songs on this EP really are. Disappointingly short but highly consuming and dramatic, Husband is a brief glimpse into the life of someone that could give Nick Cave a run for his money.

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