Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Her Space Holiday's Swansong

Her Space Holiday has had a pretty prolific career over the last fifteen years of existence. While they may not be household names they are easily one of the most important bands since they first burst on to the scene all those years ago. Sublimely mixing electronics, folk, and indie pop into something that has always been delightfully good, Her Space Holiday have sort of become a trusted friend whenever it was needed. Now after all those years, Marc Bianchi (aka Her Space Holiday) has retired his project with one last album, Her Space Holiday.

Her Space Holiday serves as a perfect swansong for the band as it goes out on such a high note, it's almost weep-worthy. I hate to say it...but the fact that there will be no more HSH albums is quite depressing to think about. Anyway, Her Space Holiday is a fantastic indie pop album that's jaunty, emotional, and a nice amalgamation of everything the band has always been about. It's all here; orchestral pop, a smidgen of electronics, droney riffs, and shy indie pop and it's a joy to behold.

When Marc sings about "reaching your last breath," on "Shonanoka," you can’t help but think of the band and the fact that this is it. It's a touching moment that kind of lilts on by and kind of sets a mood throughout this record. Sentimental in a sense but triumphant in its songwriting, Her Space Holiday is a great indie pop record that will warm your heart. The saying, "they don't make 'em like that anymore," seems appropriate here. Her Space Holiday is a perfect swansong to a long musical career filled with praise and great songs. This is the band leaving on a high note and taking one final bow; for all that they've done over the years they deserve a standing ovation!

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