Thursday, December 29, 2011

Reggae Goes Country

Holy fish out of water Batman! When one thinks of country music one generally thinks of cowboys, dusty roads, twangy guitars and things like that...not reggae, tropical breezes, and island vibes. Well thanks to the fine folks at Elektra Nashville and the legendary VP Records, the strangest crossover ever has become a reality. Country Goes Reggae is the teaming up of reggae stars, country stars, and country songs that even I knew to create what has to be one of the more unlikely compilation records in recent memory.

Consisting of thirteen classic country hits from everyone from Crystal Gale, Patsy Cline, Alabama, Kenny Rogers, and Roger Miller Country Goes Reggae puts a chilled vibe on so many songs that I never knew I knew. Whether or not you'll find this ragga versions sacrilege will depend on your feelings toward each artist but quite honestly they do each song justice. To me, so many of the songs here seemed to be left intact for the most part except instead of pedal steel the guitar has become all reggae.

Country Goes Reggae is a chilled cross genre trip that shouldn't work but does. While it might take some time to get used to the idea of hearing, "Crazy," with a reggae beat you do get used to it. All the artists involved have overcome the differences between genres and have done a great job of taking these classics, refreshing them and doing them justice and that's a tribute to the nature of the songs and all involved.

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