Saturday, December 31, 2011

Burak Som Sistema

Remember Bonde Do Rolle? Yeah, neither to a lot of other people but they used to play this Baille Funk, electro, dance hybrid that was darn near amazing. While they've kind of faded into obscurity, Buraka Som Sistema have happily picked up the baton left by Bonde and run away with it. Their album, Komba, is a tribal rhythmic blast of electronic pop that so packed with banger's that it should have just been called Banger.

Fusing tribal rhythm's, Latin influences, and enough grooves to last a lifetime, Komba, is a global rave that's gotten out of control. Squiggles, bass lines, ritualistic clangs all carry the songs into the club never to return. It's just about impossible to resist the primal sounds that Buraka Som Sistema play and Komba is so ridiculously good, you won't want to. Komba is the sound of Carnivale come to your living room and if you don't move to this record that you're just plain dead.

Exploring the borders between life and death (hence the giant skull on the cover), Buraka Som Sistema give their songs a bit of dark tint, but never lose sight of living every day like it's the last. That really explains the kinetic energy behind Komba and why the album ceases to sit still. After listening to Komba I'm quite convinced that Buraka Som Sistema want to die happily in a dark club on the dance floor in an avalanche of bass waves collapsing upon them. Komba is an amazing electronic record that brings the vibe and feel of Carnivale home, tints it with some voodoo and lets it go on the dance floor to wreak havoc. It does a good job of this and that's why Komba is fun to listen to.

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