Monday, December 26, 2011

The Audio Refuge Compilation

With a variety of sounds coming from African and Arab influences seemingly pieced together, it's no wonder that Stronghold Sound's latest compilation is called, The Audio Refuge Compilation. With genre's coming from every which direction, The Audio Refuge Compilation is a veritable bevy of global grooves that are pretty darn good. With sixteen tracks on the record, Stronghold Sounds have pretty much guaranteed that everyone will find something here to enjoy and be able to take refuge in it.

With dub sounds intermixed with cumbia, hip hop, and dubstep mixing with reggae and folk, the record is like a global village of groovy sounds living and dancing together in harmony. In fact, there's no cooler international place to be than The Audio Refuge Compilation. This is the perfect chill out compilation with a diverse menu of sounds, songs and artists that keeps you guessing as to what you'll hear next. From the reggae/dub influences of Dub Snakkr and Iggy Mon's, "Gunplay" to the deep groove and strings of Bongo, Black Nature, and Karamo Susso's, "Jah Protect My People," this truly is a record that has it all.

Having spent some time with The Audio Refuge Compilation I've learned the following...there so much at play on this compilation that it's impossible to keep up with and Stronghold Sound is one heck of label that's determined to take us on a journey with every release.

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