Friday, December 30, 2011

Let's Go To The Asteroid Shop

Somewhere between a broken heart and a nervous breakdown The Asteroid Shop is hurtling towards shuffling off it's mortal coil. Downtrodden, downbeat, and lingering somewhere between garage rock, shoegazing, and sad core, the band have released a document of their emotional trauma that goes by the name of Asteroid Shop. Believe it or not, this record is rather stunning and beautiful despite sounding like it was recorded completely on Ambien.

If you can imagine a more drugged out Spacemen 3 or a hyper Low, you can kind of picture where The Asteroid Shop is hurtling from. With what seems like banks of echo chambers, pedals, effects, and a heavy heart the band constructs its unearthly songs as if their lives depended on it. The album is absolutely massive and rockets toward the outer galaxies with its reverby, echoy riffs and vocals. Had this record been released in 1993 they could have challenged someone like Medicine or even Spiritualized for drug induced space jam of the year.

Asteroid Shop is an amazing record that's from another time and another place. It's a spiritual, dreamy, hazy, and ethereal while finding melodies and emotions in the strangest places. The Asteroid Shop has created a fantastic post-shoegazing album of sad core delights. Psychedelic and slightly destitute Asteroid Shop is one amazing record worth seeing a psychiatrist about.

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