Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mogwai's Top Of The Earth Division

Mogwai's latest opus is a short four song single by the name of Earth Division and is rather interesting in the fact that there's singing in it and the first song sounds like, "Bruce Banner's Theme," from the Incredible Hulk TV show. Outside of that, the other two songs are the usual instrumental post rock brilliance that this gang of Merry Scottsmen creates with each record they release. Expansive and powerful as the lion the cover would suggest, the record isn't necessarily vicious except perhaps in a dramatic and creative sense. However, there's no denying that Earth Division is a sweeping and dramatic little record that shows these veterans on top of their game.

As much as I dislike Mogwai for insulting Blur 15 years ago, I respect them enough to know that they are amazing musicians and can create atmospheres better than Mother Nature herself. That being said, Earth Division is a pretty essential EP for Mogwai junkies and post rock fans everywhere.

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