Monday, December 26, 2011

Swinging With The Bandana Splits

The Bandana Splits are so un-rock and roll, they probably don't even know what rock and roll is. Instead the Bandana Splits sound like an aural blast from the past; an era when the Andrews Sisters ruled the airwaves, an era ruled by the crooners not rockers. Taking the Pipettes template and taking it further back in time, this trio harmonizes their way into your hearts with light, airy songs that even your parents will like!

Sounding like the greatest songs ever heard on your local Music of Your Life radio station, The Bandana Splits multi-part harmonize their way across their self titled album in an adorable fashion. They've come up with an album of good clean fun that hints at 50's pop, 60's light rock, easy listening, country, Hawaiian, and just about every airy form of music you can imagine. The Bandana Splits is an absolutely amazing album and would make someone like Don Ho blush. This is swinging bachelor pad music if there ever was any and I LOVE it.

While most parents were all about rock and roll in the 70' parents were all about easy listening, so sitting here listening to this record is like going backwards in time during my childhood. From the bossa nova beats to the syrupy vocals that coat this record, this is the sound of my youth coming back to haunt me and its fantastic!

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