Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Terra Lightfoot Intrigues know me, I can't stand the folk. Acoustic guitars make me wince and I just went off about that in the review below. Moany vocals and twangy guitars hurt my soul and give me migraines. So, needless to say, when Terra Lightfoot came across my desk I was a wee bit hesitant. Their self-titled album is an amalgamation of indie pop, sad core, and folk music which essentially means I have no idea what to think about this record.

Terra Lightfoot is fey, rustic, occasionally rocky, and intimate all at once and I suppose that's what makes this record listenable for me. While a majority of this record is sung and played in hushed tones, the moments when it lifts its spirits up and lets the sunshine in are stand out moments. Twangy, countrified, and rocky these songs/moments grabbed your attention and are easily the highlight of Terra Lightfoot. A song like, "Winter," for example is something I could see the Byrd's including on Sweetheart of the Rodeo or something maybe the Mountain Goats would record. It's unfortunate then, that there aren't more moments like these scattered throughout Terra Lightfoot but the ones that are there are worth listening to.

Terra Lightfoot is a folk record that's ok to like. Why's that? Well it's not purely folk and Terra Lightfoot offers up something more than just an acoustic guitar. The rustic and occasionally rocky nature of this record is what took hold of me and for whatever reason kept me listening. If you like things that are intimate and rustic with side order of crunch you'll like Terra Lightfoot.

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