Friday, December 30, 2011

Warm Ghost Narrows It Down

Somewhere between being undead, being trapped in an X-file, and riding a chill wave is apparently where Warm Ghost lies. This atmospheric, wispy synthetic band create songs that sound as if clairvoyants called them into being and forced them to write songs from another world. Warm Ghost's album Narrows is an old fashioned, 80's synth pop record that's been so addicted to clove cigarettes and so in touch with its inner-goth that you can almost smell the patchouli coming through the speakers.

While Warm Ghost will undoubtedly be lumped in with the chill wave movement, the band brings so much more to the table than just incredibly slow electronic music and ethereal vocals. Approaching near ambient realms that bring to mind the works of Bill Nelson and Brian Eno and the layering synths over synths and then detaching vocals entirely from this mortal world, Warm Ghost create something far more intriguing than just chilled electronics. Narrows is the soundtrack to a séance, a soundtrack to a long dream, and the soundtrack to the expansion of the universe; it's epic stuff.

Narrows is lush, catatonic, and amazing. The haunting vocals and wandering synths make this album so ridiculously beautiful it's difficult to not be enchanted by its songs. Warm Ghost might not be ghosts but after listening to this album and knowing their name, one can't help but wonder if they really wouldn’t mind being them.

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