Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Join Team Me

Team Me's self-titled EP is a blast of eccentric pop that at times sounds like Arcade Fire and at others like nothing you've heard before. Over the course of five songs the band whip up all sorts of catchy hooks, atmospheric instrumentation, and sunshiny pop music that's as ethereal as it is poppy. With lots of sing-along vocals, that almost reminds me of Mates of State, Team Me pogo there way through the EP with an overwhelming sense of fun.

Team Me is a sugar rush of energetic pop that only Scandinavian's and Canadian's can seem to write. Slightly epic, always catchy Team Me excel at writing pop that's the equivalent of a few shots of espresso. Unfortunately, the buzz doesn't last because by the time you're won over; the whole thing comes to a close leaving you begging for more. Oh well, until Team Me release a full album this slice of pop adrenalin will have to see us through on repeat.

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