Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Neverendless Cave's

Cave's Neverendless couldn't be a more appropriately titled album if it tried. This epic recording of just five songs features Cave as a newly expanded four piece playing expansive dense prog rock as only they can. With an added dimension to their lineup the band is now able to play through time and space as if they were Timelords. Psychedelic and seemingly, uh, endless, Neverendless is a time warp of huge proportions.

Cave manage to take the Kraut rock template and mould it to their own needs with the result being something that sounds like a group of musicians floating in space on some serious mind altering chemicals. Perhaps a bit more song oriented than their peers, CAVE actually have bits of their songs in which you can latch on to and remember (if you’re not on said chemicals). It might not be as free flowing as some of the other stuff out there (see Zechs below), but it's organic enough to sound amazing while being somewhat easier to follow.

Neverendless is a technical wonderland where songs sound like Fly By Night era Rush (think By-Tor and you're on the right track) on a collision course with Can. It's truly awesome, groovy stuff that just rocks out to the point of rocking out no more. Instruments are strained, riffs run forever, basslines boom and drums drive endlessly and the result is an album that truly is...Neverendless.

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