Monday, December 26, 2011

Welcome New Villager

New Villager aren't just musicians, they're bi-coastal multi-media artists from New York and San Francisco who combine all elements of media in a behemoth of sights and sounds that come off more like performance art than anything else. With a flair for the dramatic and an updated version of the sound that Fischerspooner laid out nearly a decade ago, New Villager bring so much to the table it's almost impossible not to be entertained by them. Their self titled album is a wild wide of musical expressionism that's both dramatic and electronic while remaining subversively indebted to pop music.

Bringing back the idea of a falsetto vocalist to Americans is no easy task, but thanks to dubstep warping vocals to chipmunk levels, the idea of someone being higher pitched than Michael Jackson is not a shock. That's a good thing for New Villager because so much of their album almost sounds like it belongs in a musical. With a flair for the theatrical and broken R&B beats the album hops along with a chill wave sensibility that's sleepily addictive. New Villager might not pack out a dance floor but it certainly could be responsible for some sexy seduction.

Melodic throughout and slightly strange New Villager is an interesting listen that's striking and impressive. It's flair for doing things a different way makes an impression and it's chilled out R&B vibe is fun even if it takes you some time to get used to the vocals. If you're an adventurous listener, New Villager would like you to be a part of their village.

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