Monday, December 26, 2011

Mister Heavenly Is Out Of Love

Mister Heavenly is a power trio that’s all over the map sound wise and is a band that is unafraid to take chances with songs. The result of this risk taking is an album by the name of, Out of Love, that's adventurous and fun to listen to. Mister Heavenly appears to be in love with the glorious history of rock and roll and enjoys cramming as much of it in each song. Honing in on the sound of early rock and roll and doo wop the band harmonizes like its life depended on it and twangs the heck out of strings as if it were 1955. It's a crazy kind of dated record but finds itself bang up to date.

Between crunchy riffs, and twangy guitars Out Of Love provides all kind of thrills that's ramshackle and reckless but in a way that works. In a way, Mister Heavenly’s sound is like a screwed up warped version of rockabilly that's on the verge of falling into the stand up coffin bass they inevitably carry around with them. With experimentation in tow, Out Of Love is a record that sounds as if it was all pieced together by rusty nails and zip ties...this, of course, is a very good thing!

It's really quite interesting to consider that all this is created by three of indie rock’s illuminati...Nick from Islands/Unicorns, Ryan from Man Man, and Joe from Modest Mouse. Sitting here listening to Out of Love you can't help but wonder how these three wound up making something as "old" as this. While its members may explain why the record sounds so rambunctious and reckless it doesn't explain how they arrived at the Doom Wop they so joyously and fracturedly play. While the record has the odd indie leaning, indie rock this is not and that's probably a good thing because Out Of Love catches you off guard and takes you for a 33 minute wild ride through a James Dean movie. It's impressive stuff that will leave you hoping that these illuminati gather in the future and record more Mister Heavenly records.

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