Monday, December 26, 2011

D. Gookin Loves Spiral Style

As great as D. Gookin's EP, Spiral Style is, the cover that fronts it is going to scare people away. With a giant lizard eating a sandwich on the cover looking slightly psychedelic and ravey, the sugary sweet synth pop that lies inside may just go unnoticed and that would be a shame. Sounding something like a much poppier Figurine, D. Gookin creates robotic Main Street Electrical Parade pop for a new generation.

With synth's set to uplift and hooks larger than the universe, Gookin casts a spell over each song that's impossible to break. His songs are mesmerizingly upbeat and so smile inducing they should be prescribed as anti-depressants. The six songs here are giddy, vocoded, and just fun to listen too. Sprial Style is a short, sweet, and stunning little record that will leave you salivating for more. In fact, about the only bad thing you can say about this record is that it should have been his second album instead of a third single. Let’s get to work got an album to record!

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