Friday, December 16, 2011

White Denim Does Better Than A D

White Denim caused quite a stir a number of years ago and were the buzz band of the minute within the blogosphere. Thankfully, they were able to back up all that hype with quality songs. Now older, wiser, and free of the hype White Denim return with their latest album D and much like it's predecessor it has exceptionally strong songs. Successfully melding garage rock, indie, and jazz the band create a heady brew of off center rhythms, odd time signatures and moody rock and roll that fascinates and entertains.

A versatile record, D, utilizes the incredible talents of White Denim's members to put together a blazing set of technically brilliant musicianship that is overlaid with catchy choruses and moody atmospherics. Clearly a band that can play, White Denim do anything but play bog standard indie by numbers. Instead, they seem to challenge each other with instrumentation that seems to feed off of the other sounds around them; it's very jazz-fusion like in it's approach and even sounds like it at times. Relatively complicated but structured with a sense of accessibility, the band's ability to jam doesn't hinder the record from being easy to latch onto. From the nearly Jethro Tull-like flutes in, "River to Consider," to the tell tale, "Anvil Everything," D is an album that has a hard time not being creative.

White Denim might not be the blogosphere band of the second anymore, but that's great because now they're free to explore the realm of music and write albums like D and that's better that getting a 10 on Pitchfork.

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