Friday, December 16, 2011

Is Tropical Is Muy Bueno

Holy dear God how good is the Is Tropical record? Oh, it's freaking amazing. Native To is pretty much the soundtrack to your summer all wrapped up in twelve sunshiny synth pop tunes that are so addictive you will need a twelve step program to escape them. This is an amazing record that's like the best melding of Kitsune Records and the Magnetic Fields you are ever likely to hear.

Native To is the sort of record that would make Stephen Merritt blush and be inspired. It's as if he wrote the thing on five tabs of mind altering chemicals and had a electro revelation. Stunningly simple and effectively hypnotizing, there is nothing that Is Tropical does that is bad. With synth stabs that prod your brain and beats that pick your feet up and move them for you this is a record that will make you dance whether you want to or not. So incredibly good is this record, that I can sing you just about every chours on Native To.

Essential to say the least, you probably will not hear another synth pop record that so easily embraces the 80's, steals from the Magnetic Fields gets them luv'd up, and then throws them out on the dance floor. It's so good that if the 80's revival sounded like this all the time, I'd want it to go on forever. Amazing in every way, you need this record in your life. Seriously.

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