Monday, December 12, 2011

UVA's Ultraviolet Astronomy

UVA are an interesting bunch of musicians who have obviously spent a fair amount of time listening to the 4ad back catalog. Sounding like so many of the early artists that made the British label famous, it's almost impossible to pin down five much less one. With an ethereal almost ghost-like quality to them this group will bring to mind Dead Can Dance as much the Pixies and Gus Gus.

Their album, Ultraviolet Astronomy is truly something that belongs amongst the stars as it's a soaring airy like affair that's expansive and unearthly. Utilizing boy / girl vocals, shimmery synths, and drum machines, this trio manage to create something that sounds much richer than something a normal trio could ever hope to create. The world that is Ultraviolet Astronomy is a special one that once you arrive at you won't want to leave. At home on a dark smoky dancefloor or in a suborbital flight pattern, UVA manage to create an album that's easy on the ears and heart and Ultraviolet Astronomy is an absolute stunning record that you need in your life.

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