Monday, December 12, 2011

Jenniferever and Ever

Jenniferever is one heck of a band name to say. It's like a mini-tongue twister that I'm willing to bet you can't say four times fast. Tongue twister aside, this Swedish band plays indie rock the mathy way. Their album, Silesia, is a complex affair that undoubtedly involved calculators, professors, and doctoral candidates figuring out the best way to create soaring epics that are sonically challenging to play but still easy on the ears.

Silesia reminds me of that old school Polyvinyl indie rock that's elaborate but never loses sight of it's song structure. With skewed time signatures, off kilter riffs, and drumming that almost sounds like it belongs on a jazz record Jenniferever clearly know how to play and play well. Their intricate arrangements still find room for basic things like choruses and melodies which in turn allows Silesia the ability to be memorable. This record is as expansive as the cover seems to imply and it constantly strives to achieve that level of musical height.

Jenniferever are a fantastically talented band that are fascinated by music and the making of it. They're an emotional, sophisticated band that love bombast as much as melody and when they mix it together they come up with stunning results. From the slow windswept beauty of, "A Drink to Remember," to the aggressive drumming of, "Deception Pass," Silesia constantly shows that Jenniferever are a band on top of their game making intelligent tunes for music theory fans.

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