Monday, December 12, 2011

Timbre's Little Flowers

The fun of reviewing records is that all sorts of stuff comes across your desk and about half the time what you expect something to be isn't what it actually is. The band Timbre is a perfect example of this. Featuring classically trained harpist, Timbre Clerpke the band are nothing like you'd expect. Mixing classical harp with folk, and ambient music Timbre and her band create a lush, sparse world that's as joyful as it is tense and as beautiful as it's stark. The band's second album, Little Flowers is a tribute to that sound and to how powerful their minimal creations can be.

With eleven musicians, two sisters and a choir working with Timbre there seems to be nothing that this amazing group can’t do. Little Flowers is a compelling listen because of just how incredibly fragile and gorgeous each song sounds. With each gently plucked string, you get the sense that the whole album could fall apart in your hands and fade into nothing. It's hypnotizing stuff that will leave you in awe with its expansive soundscapes, encapsulating songs, and incredible sense of wonder.

If you can imagine someone like Dead Can Dance only slightly less medieval than you kind of know where Timbre are coming from. Ethereal and Haunting Timbre's Little Flowers is a spooky trip into the afterlife that's almost too god to be true.

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