Monday, December 12, 2011

Stomp Four On The Floor

Imagine if you will Tilly and the Wall fronted by Cult singer, Ian Astbury with guitarist Angus Young and a semi-load of Jack Daniels and you kind of have where Four On The Floor are coming from. Keeping things at a 4/4 pace with a heavy stomp on the ground to keep time, this band has a driving back beat that's perfect for anything from dranking or bar brawls late at night. They groove, they rock, and they just about sound like the most hung over rockers since Motley Crue.

Their album, 4x4, is a groove laden trip through the dark, drunken side of Americana. A place where blood, sweat, and tears is followed up by a strong desire to get messed up, mess things up and kick a little butt. And that's exactly what 4x4 does for its duration. But rather than just a little butt, this boogie laden riff monster kicks so much there's just about none left to kick. This is rawk and roll pure and simple. It's primal, raw, and passionate in such a way that you just better not look at it inappropriately. If AC/DC were American and were raised on the Mississippi Delta one could speculate that this is what they would sound like.

Amazing rock in every sense of the word, 4x4 doesn't get much better than this wasted stompy, rifftastic ride through the American outdoors.

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