Monday, December 12, 2011

Siriusmo Pieces Together His Mosaik

About a decade overdue, wacky electronic artist, Siriusmo has finally released his debut album, Mosaik. This energetic, chaotic patchwork of electronic sounds and ideas will seem familiar and at the same time stunningly new. Few artists are able to switch palettes and thoughts as easily as Siriusmo can and his ability to do this shows all over his debut. This is a guy, who over the course of his 15 track album throws sound collages together with such reckless abandon you'd think they would all fail. Yet, through his undeniable ability to craft songs out of nothing Siriusmo creates huge epic melodies that are so sugary sweet they have a surgeon general's warning attached to them.

Mosaik as a result of this guys incredible talent is an amazing record that's as messy and cool as the cover would seem to indicate. With very few words or vocals, Siriusmo is still able to create an album that's filled with pop culture pastiche, hooks the size of Jupiter, and an album that your body will find very difficult not moving too. While this is not a four to the floor banger after banger kind of electronic album, it is a pop enriched synth pop recording that covers more genres than a record store and has fun doing it.

If there's one thing that you can say about Siriusmo and Mosaik is that this album served as a playground for his imagination and it was allowed to run wild within it. The results are a stellar and eclectic mix of sounds that are nigh impossible to dislike and proves that not taking your Adderall can be a good thing. Mosaik is awesome stuff that's highly recommended.

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