Monday, December 12, 2011

Les Chauds Lapins Say Vive Le France

Les Chauds Lapins are a New York group who'd you swear were lost somewhere in late 1930's pre-invasion France. Sounding something like Prairie Home Companion if it were based in Provence, this group sings forgotten or unknown French classics that are rustic, romantic, and absolutely brilliant.

Their album, Amourettes, is an absolutely twee record of down home recordings featuring banjos, uke's, strings, guitars and other instruments in ways you'd never expect to hear them. Amourettes is a ray of sunshine in time of darkness and you can't help but feel these kind of songs put smiles on people’s faces when they knew things were changing for the worse around them. Les Chauds Lapins are absolutely amazing at being French when they're so New York it hurts.

If the Le Pop series takes Chanson music and brings it up to date, Amourettes takes Chanson before it was even called Chanson and takes it back to the past. This is absolutely brilliant stuff that will inspire you to pop open a bottle, sit outside and enjoy life. If the French loved these songs during the 20's, 30's, and 40's it makes it only logical that they should still be enjoyable now when times are tough.

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