Monday, December 5, 2011

Spend Christmas With The Puppini Sisters

Ok...I'm just going to say it right off the bat...The Puppini Sisters are gorgeous. Now that, that's out of the way, these non-sister sisters have recorded a Christmas album to get you in the holiday spirit and if you love the 40's, The Andrews Sisters, Bing Crosby, roaring fires and hot toddies you'll be a regular Frosty the Snowman by the end of the record.

What makes the Puppini Sisters so great is that they've so successfully tapped into the 40's style and sound and somehow kept it all modern. Christmas with The Puppini Sisters almost sounds like the best Bing Crosby variety show we never got to see. Packed with swingin sexy arrangements of classics like, "Santa Baby," "Let It Snow," "White Christmas," and more, the album has vintage cool written all over it. This is the sort of record that you can impress your parents with at the dinner table and they'll think you've finally developed good taste in music. In fact, I can almost hear my father now, "Now, that's good music." And truth be told it really is.

I love these girls...their harmonies are sweeter than sweet potato pie and their versions of the classics here are so awesome, in a Disney kind of way, you'll be overwhelmed with holiday cheer. Christmas with The Puppini Sisters might be one of a zillion Christmas records out there...but this has to be one of the most fun records to come out in a long time. Christmas with The Puppini Sisters will find its way into my Christmas rotation along with Andy Williams and Bing Crosby.

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