Monday, December 5, 2011

OMD Write The History Of Modern

OMD have been around a long time. They've been around so long that many of today's electronic artists were not even alive when they were recording their first album. Over thirty years later, and the band is still around and for the first time in fourteen years have released a new record. History of Modern is a welcome return and it seems only fitting that the pioneers of synth pop and electro return as dance music is enjoying quite a renaissance with every one from Lady GaGa to Rusko gaining commercial success.

Looking and sounding like they aren't a day over twenty, OMD are fresh, exuberant, and loaded with songs that have, apparently, been dying to get out of them. History of Modern is a fantastic record that's so surprisingly good that I sat in awe as each of the fourteen songs rolled by. At times sounding like vintage OMD and at others sounding strangely like more recent New Order, the band plow through electronic music like a hot knife in butter. Creating hit songs at will, OMD haven't lost an ounce of talent, originality, or songsmanship in their nearly fifteen year absence. It's so true, that History of Modern is packed to the rafters with catchy infectious synth pop that would make even the Pet Shop Boys blush.

History of Modern is resoundingly upbeat and energetic, and while the band hints at some of their legendary minimalism, they seem far to overjoyed to let that steer the record. The result is easily one of the most fun OMD records in their catalog. Laden with potential hits and hooks the size of Texas, there is no stopping this record. Andy and Paul prove over and over again here that you don't have to teach an old dog new tricks...they know plenty already. History of Modern is an essential return to form and whether this is your first OMD record or your eleventh, you need this album in your collection. Hands down one of the best twenty five albums of the year and my sentimental choice for 2010.

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