Monday, December 5, 2011

Copal Head Into The Shadow Garden

Copal is a five piece New York band that sound like they've never spent a day in New York in their lives. This globally influenced band has it's roots in the deserts of the Middle East and intersect their travels through them with music from all over the place. This dynamic group has a sound that while seemingly easy to pin down is so diverse and sonically rich that they keep your ears guessing where they will travel next. Their album, Into The Shadow Garden is a gorgeous hypnotic journey of sounds and textures that will drive your imagination wild and your keep your ears tuned in.

Utilizing strings, drums, traditional middle eastern instrumentation, and barely a vocal amongst the bunch, Copal set the windswept and exotic scenes with such ease you'd swear you were at an ancient marketplace in another time. This is the sound of Lawrence of Arabia come to life and brought up to date through mysterious circumstances. Into The Shadow Garden is a fantastic record that is imaginatively put together and mixes classical and traditional sounds so well that the result is a swirling mix of unique sounds that sound as old as the sands of time but as modern as hypersonic travel. If you can imagine Dead Can Dance being more Middle Eastern and less medieval than you can kind of picture where Copal are coming from.

Into The Shadow Garden is a seductive record whose eastern European, sub-Saharan, and classical influences steer the record into unchartered territory of beguiling sounds and intriguing musicianship. Ethereal, dreamy, and inspired Into The Shadow Garden is a constantly fascinating listen that will leave you in awe of where it's been and where it wants to take you. So why not let it? Turn off the lights, pop this album in, and pretend your in Persia hundreds of years ago on an adventure that would make Indiana Jones jealous. Copal's Into The Shadow Garden is the sound of adventure and intrigue and it's fantastic.

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