Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Sandwitches Enjoy Mrs. Jones Cookies

The Sandwitches are a tasty treat indeed and their album, Mrs. Jones Cookies is a delight. Windswept and lost in Victorian times, these Sandwitches lie somewhere between sounding like She & Him and a stagecoach riding group of musicians stuck in the Midwestern prairie. Rooted in twangy and sleepy influenced alt-country/folk, this trio lilts their way across their record as if they were lost in time.

Mrs. Jones Cookies is a charming record whose simple pleasures and old time rustic feel more than make up for the fact that much of this record doesn't have a chorus you can remember. With bits of jangle, a few hints of distortion and vocals that seem to yearn themselves out of the speakers, The Sandwitches offer sounds that are not usually found within the folky realm. I suspect, it's because of all that and the rural old time feel of this record that I find myself drawn to it; if these girls would be on acoustic guitars, I don't think I would have made it past the third song.

In any case, if you like your folk lost in a cloud of dust than you can't get much better than The Sandwitches’ rather delicious, Mrs. Jones Cookies.

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